Mix Music We only use the best equipment in the industry.

We can work with any industry standard format.

We can take on any size project.

We can work in any genre.

We use the most current technology to mix your song.

We make this as easy as possible so your song is presented in the best possible light for a project, a producer and/or the audience.

Studio A: Jake Nicley Engineer

Sony DMX R100 digital console
Pro Tools HD3 ver. 7.2
Digital Performer 5.12
2 Apogee AD16X ProTools interface
ProTools Sync  machine syncronizer
Motu Hd192
Dynaudio Acoustics  BM15A control room monitors
Yamaha NS-10’s
JBL 4300 Monitors
Mytek Master Clock
Alesis Masterlink ML9600 stereo hard disk recorder

Mic Pres:
Focusrite Red stereo mic pre
Focusrite ISA 428 8ch mic pre
Presonus M80 8ch mic pre
2 Avalon M5 Class A mic pre
Universal Audio 2-610 2ch tube mic pre

Teletronix LA-2A
Sony MU LO21 stereo Compressor/Limiter Gate
Focusrite Green stereo Compressor/Limiter
Line 6 PodXT-Pro

Sony D7 Digital Delay
Roland SRV 3030 effects processor
Lexicon PCM-91
Aural Exciter

Studio B: Pat Bautz Engineer

Lynx Aurora
Apogee Big Ben Clock
Mytek Studio Clock
Protools HD8
Digital performer 7
massive amounts of wave and VST plug-ins
API mic pre’s
BLA Autuer Mic Pre’s
Ampex 601 tube mic pre’s
Presonus mic pre’s
Toft Mic Pre
Ted Feltcher Compressors
Lexicon Reverb
Keypex Gates
Drawmer Gates
Mackie Control Surfaces
Yamaha NS-10s
JBL LSR 4300

Neumann U-47
AGK D112
AKG 414’s
AKG C430’s
Sennheiser MD 421’s
Sennheiser e904’s
Shure Ksm109’s
Neumann U-87
Shure SM 57’s
Shure Beta 52
Shure SM-81’s


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